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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing Changes the Future

You must have found digital marketing and artificial intelligence as individual ideas but the concept of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is something interesting and engaging.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of re-creation of human intelligence in mechanisms. These mechanisms exaggerate the understanding behavior of the human brain. In simple language, these machines can respond, think and perform various duties like a human depending on the information put into the machine.

These Intelligent algorithms make different conclusions depending on the available data.

AI today makes a difference in the approach of digital marketing. Brands like Shopify and Amazon use AI to understand user behavior and make conclusions based on information not only immediately but also perfectly.

Learn more to understand the skill requirements and capability of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

Uses & Purpose of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing

The usage of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is highly supportive.

Purpose of Artificial Intelligence
1. Recognizing, gathering, and analyzing data

In any customer relationship management, business or CRM is very crucial for supportable relations. It concludes the requirement of a user-centric approach to business. AI technology was able to gather user data from various platforms, increase insights perfectly and target consumers based on their needs.

The information suggested here is actionable intelligence. ex: kind of products the user uses, kind of videos they watch, kind of places they shop, etc.

With this assembled data, digital marketers can understand a consumer’s buying behavior, needs, and suitable AI to boost conversions. You can design the customer’s journey and deliver the right suggestions to the user.

2. AI with A/R and V/R

Artificial intelligence (AI) across augmented reality (A/R) and virtual reality (V/R) generates a unique experience.

Customers can interact and understand more about brand new, engaging methods. It also gives brand identity and increases brand awareness and also brand commitment.

3.Customer services

The future of customer services is chatbots as they provide customers with the best believable experience. It provides personalized solutions depending on the information tracked at low costs.

4. Digital ads

Digital ads are one of the achievable platforms that have taken on AI. Facebook, Instagram, and Google are major examples of social media platforms that give optimized user experience. Analyzing a user’s interests, demographic information, preferences, and likes then granting to show relative ads to increase the performance of digital ad campaigns.

5. Email Marketing

Digital Marketers can send personalized emails to users depending on their previous behavior. This means suitable emails will be sent to consumers with personalized subject lines, conversations, and recommendations based on a customer's actions.

Phrasee is an AI-powered tool that can enhance email personalization and targeting. It is more possible to target the exact consumers with this process.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Examples

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing examples
1. Rankbrain Algorithm: Google

As all of us know, the most used search engine in the world is Google and whether you agree with it or not you are also dealing with AI.

RanBrain is an algorithm with an AI-powered marketing tool that suggests based on our previous searches on google and also can understand what you are going to search.

2. Lenskart

Lenskart approves customers to upload their facial pictures in 3 various positions. You can upload your images and choose various sunglasses or frames virtually and try them.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly and Hemmingway are grammar correction apps. Artificial intelligence in those apps predicts the texts, corrects grammatical errors, and spellings, and saves our time. The app especially helps to correct our important emails and documents.

4. Hubspot

Hubspot is a top digital marketing tool that helps to plan SEO strategies and optimize web content with the help of artificial intelligence. It scans your website to provide suggestions for your content to include topics in your website with the help of an AI-powered tool.


The Swedish Giant IKEA app contains Artificial intelligence (AI) technology in some countries to present to customers how things would look like in their rooms. So, they can select them in the app and purchase them.

Artificial Intelligence Advantages in Digital Marketing

1. Advance Advertising

The capacity to reach the targeted audiences is very important for a marketing campaign’s results. Companies can target the right customers with AI.

Artificial intelligence gathers and analyzes data, forecasts, or predicts future customer behavior. Brands can target ads across the world based on AI data information.

Based on user behavior on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, Artificial intelligence gathers data to understand user interests, demographics, and other alternatives to take into consideration, and also select users who are more possible to make the conversion.

2. Customer Services

When it comes to customer care, Chatbots are very favorable. It can support more customers at a time in several time zones.

All consumer concerns and doubts can be responded to in real-time. AI chatbots, different from humans, don’t feel stressed which means they can work 24/7. They are also very capable of analyzing consumer experience.

The customer can choose from several languages, so getting particular consumer results would be easier.

3. Shopping and Buying Experiences

Artificial intelligence is usually changing the pattern of our shopping. Brands started using AI during pandemics to give a shopping experience in a superior method.

International brands like IKEA and Indian brands like Lenskart are already using AI for advertising purposes. This makes it simple for consumers to buy from home.

4. ROI and Productivity Increased

There is a primary relation to the ROI because the exact data reaches the right target audience. And companies also felt that with the help of AI, productivity and conversions are also increased.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is targeting consumers who have an interest in your service or product to buy. Sending emails about the services and displaying products by ads to these consumers may lead to conversion.

6. Dynamic Pricing

Surprisingly anytime you visit an e-commerce site like amazon, based on your buying history it displays dynamic prices. Truly it is an art and absolute example of AI in digital marketing. To understand your economic status, it uses cookies and displays suitable prices for the product.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is Future

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is Future

The effect of AI on digital marketing cannot be measured. It changes fastly and is ever-growing. With its out of ordinary capability to combine and analyze data, it has the strength to regenerate industries all over the world.

Far off from digital marketing, it has a large scope in the banking, transportation sectors, and medical.

Because of using AI in digital marketing, brands improved their strategies and also increased user experiences. It has also changed the pattern we followed to send emails, build websites, shop, and also interact with customers.

Artificial intelligence is here to help to increase the results of their marketing strategic pain and to make use of their abilities. Digital advertisers and marketers can take up AI.

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Yes, artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing. AI is the only pattern for companies to improve their customers and quality expectations. In the future, it brings human experiences very close to technology.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) for digital marketing works can increase effective usage of budgets, customer engagement, better data segmentation, and increase ROI. To create campaigns AI tools help to target the right audiences.

By applying Artificial intelligence (AI) to digital marketing strategy with the capability to gather and interpret data. By applying it artificial intelligence is used in digital marketing.